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About our Family

Alex and I have served in Guatemala as full-time missionaries for more than 10 years!  Now with our three children, Alessa (8), Olivia (6) and Jonah (2) we have our hands full.  Through our nonprofit, Tree Ministries, our mission in Guatemala is to see lives transformed by Jesus Christ and we are committed to using every tool we have to make an impact as well as supporting other ministries and organizations that share our vision.

We are also owners of La Vid Coffee Roasters, a coffee roaster and coffee shop here in Antigua Guatemala.  Our vision is to help provide ongoing support for the many christian ministries in the area who are doing amazing ministry, but could use some additional resourcing.  In addition to committing our net profits to help further Christian ministry, La Vid serves as hub for fellowship as well as outreach among the community.  It is a perfect pairing of something we love so much, coffee, and our greater call to further the Gospel!

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