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This month we had the opportunity to help out a young lady who desperately needed her gal bladder out. Many of you many know Sonia whom we have partnered with for many years in an outreach to the community of San Antonio Aguas Calientes. Her oldest daughter, Graciela, began having severe abdominal pains before the holidays. Ultrasounds detected more than 2 dozen large gal stones! Sadly, due to the medical situation here in Guatemala and the implications of CoVID, the national hospital is not doing any surgeries of this kind and she was told to just WAIT. Graciela's condition was becoming excruciatingly painful and surgery was absolutely necessary ASAP!


We are so grateful to those who gave to help cover medical costs through our Community Needs giving. God working through you, enabled us to quickly meet this need by covering labs, pre-op, hospital expenses and medication. Graciela's surgery was a success and she is recovering well, although a little slower than hoped. She was treated for some minor infection the following week, but now doing great!


There is even more exciting news to share beyond the successful surgery. Graciela and her (now) husband Adolfo finally tied the knot!! Although they have two children together, they had never officially married. As Graciela and Adolfo are maturing in their Christian faith and are now becoming more involved in their local church, they knew this was big. They felt it was so important to take this step as they fully commit to honoring the Lord.

It has been such a privilege to walk alongside this family...through some really hard things...and some really incredible moments! Thank you for being a part of the ministry and impacting people like Graciela and her whole family with the love and hope that comes with the good news of the Gospel.

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