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Keeping it FRESH!

One of the most rewarding parts of our weeks are the opportunities we have to distribute food to families in need in the surrounding communities. In this particular community, Tree Ministries has provided a food bag for 25 to 40 women and their children each month. This last week we decided to do things just a little differently!

While the women are abundantly grateful for the beans, rice and other dry goods, sometimes the needs just go beyond those staples. To make a complete meal, sometimes they need fresh vegetables, meat, dairy products, etc. So in light of this, we decided to get a gift card for each woman to the local grocery store so they would have the chance to go and purchase EXACTLY what their family needs. While this may seem commonplace for most of us, this was an entirely new dynamic for these women. It required us to teach how Gift Cards even work and then taking some of the ladies for their whirlwind trip through the store. It was a blast!

In addition to the gift cards we gave each woman a special Bible, some flowers and a hand written note. These simple, heartfelt tokens served as a reminder that the Lord sees them, hears them, knows them by name and loves them beyond what they can even imagine. Many of the ladies stayed after to ask for prayer and to express their abundant gratitude for such a special gift. We certainly walked away so encouraged to continue supporting these families in every way we can. Thank you so much to those who have given toward these community needs. If you are interested in continuing to help you can do so HERE!

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