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La Gomera

"La Gomera" is a small little village located near the coast about 2.5 hours from Antigua We had the opportunity to visit this beautiful community surrounded by sugar cane fields in partnership with ReVive Guatemala. As this was a new community connection, our visit there was to primarily fortify relationships for ongoing ministry in the future. We loaded up the trucks with 4 fuel efficient stoves and enough food for several weeks for approximately 20 families.

On nearly our last stop visiting each family in their home, we came to Gloria's house. When we knocked on the metal lamina door at the front of the property we were greeted with a smile, as we always are. When our community partner explained that we had stopped by to deliver some food and pray for their family, Gloria immediately burst into tears. She was not expecting our visit, much less the gift of food. Just that morning she had cried out to God asking for him to help provide for her family. What a privilege to be a part of the answer to her prayer!

Following our walk through town and installation of the stoves, which were provided by another ministry partner, Light of the World, we were invited to lunch. The leadership council of this small community had pulled out all the stops and blessed us with a special meal, freshly grilled HENS! What struck me most about this day, was the incredible amount of gratitude expressed. Whenever we think we have come or gone to bless others, we return knowing that we have been immensely blessed. Once again we received the humbling reminder that we are nothing more than ambassadors on mission for HIM.

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